Building Services

1.    Electrical

Adequate power points in even spread across open office plan with solidly grounded neutral. Ceilings are in mineral fibre acoustic suspended ceiling with modular recessed light fittings and A/C vents. Power is sourced from the grid but with alternative provided via generating sets of adequate rating synchronized with Auto Mains Failure panel located in the switch panel room on the ground floor. Lightning protection air terminal spike is provided at the highest point of the building with earthing rods and counterpoise earthing in copper rods and plate concealed within the structure.

2.    Mechanical

Water Supply - Plumbing design is for water connection from a drilled borehole on site to the ground water storage tank buried outside the building. Water would be fed by gravity to all fixtures from the roof tank of a total storage capacity of at least minimum of three days consumption.

Plumbing fixtures and drainage – high quality sanitary wares in water closet, wash hand basin and urinal bowls. Sanitary drainage from fixtures will be conveyed by gravity through waste and soil pipes into sewage treatment plant located on the ground outside the building. The treated effluent would then be passed into the soak away pit. Venting is through pipes routed to the outside to roof vents to prevent air binding and siphonage of traps in ducts concealment. Clean outs are also provided for blocked pipes clearance. Drain pipes are adequately sized and sloped to maintain a self-cleansing velocity at full bore flow

Ventilation – Ducted split A/C with condenser on the ledge provided peripherally on the edge window bands. Extraction systems takes care of the toilet areas although with a manual back-up via high level window with screen louvres opening to the common washroom lobby and escape passage.

Floor finishes – high quality un-glazed vitrified Italian/Spanish tiles with skirting to match.

Wall – Cement screeding backing to receive satin paint in adequate coats for consistency of spread

All free standing columns are adorned in MDF wood laminate with cornice necking in similar material. 

Other facilities – Security service, telecom / internet access and CCTV. Water treatment plant and Central Sewage System, Fire Alarm System, Fire Protection

External works – Drive way in quality interlocks paving. Security house and fencewall in grilles with access control gate remote controlled.  Landscaping

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